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Forum Announcement: Regarding bans
To those players who were banned, this is an announcement and warning.

You are not ever allowed to post publicity on the forums about your ban. You cannot go onto topics and request Ele or anyone unban you. You cannot go onto the chat and request Ele or anyone to unban you. You cannot and will not do this.

You may think your case is special, you may think you're special, you may be unjustly banned, you may have been justly banned, or banned by accident. No matter the case, you are not allowed to talk about it. You have absolutely zero (NO) rights here that are not first given to you by Ele. You are not allowed to do what you're told not to do regardless on how "cool" or "tough" or "special" you set yourself up to be.

That does not and will not, nor has it ever flown here. You are a player and nothing else, and will be punished if you break this rule.

Also being new is no longer acceptable to why you're talking about bans. We don't care if you've been banned, I don't care if you've been banned. I could care less if you got unbanned. You must take your issues about a ban to a PM with an admin, or to the support tickets.

Let this be a warning to everyone. I am not going to lighten up over bans. You are not to bring them up on the forums in a public manner ever again.