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Wikipedia explanation: GreenBorder is a security software company that specializes in using virtualization to create safe zones for online activities for Internet users. GreenBorder lets computer operators combine hardware and software to create "virtual" machines where tasks such as reading e-mail or exploring websites can be done without exposing systems to viruses or other malicious programs. Web-based programs that try to access files or computer registries are stopped from leaving what are commonly referred to as online "sandboxes" created by GreenBorder. The virtual "sandboxes" vanish at the end of each session, taking attacker assaults such as spyware, viruses, and trojans with them.
In simple english?
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幸せだろうと 不幸せだろうと、 平等に 残酷に朝日は昇る。
生きていくだけで精一杯の私に、 これ以上何を望むというの?

[Image: ZyjX1sB.png]

Only YOU access the net, and nothing comes back to your computer.
Pretty much^

and even I can understand that.. x_x
What did that post have to do with the current topic?
Nothing funny was posted, and I highly doubt you're laughing at what the program does. May I remind you, that if you GET 1 more warning you're to be perma banned from the forums? I'm just saying it, so please refrain from super off topic posts such as that with little to no reason.
Delete it, please.

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