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[READ] A way into deeper meanings. A Guide for Admin Applications
This is my Guide for ANY form of an application. It isn't just for the posting, but to help get one to live longer on the application forum without getting an instant lock.

This uses the same format that Otaku wishes for you to use, but uses deeper meanings for you to have an idea how applications should be.
Firstly and foremost, you obviously need to follow the posting guidelines and rules for applications. To find out where these Guidelines are located at, follow the lines provided to learn more about what Otaku wants.
1: http://forums.fallen-evolution.com/thread-267.html
2: http://forums.fallen-evolution.com/thread-628.html

Secondly, FE gets many types of applications and many types of formats, so to drill this into your head so you aren't left disappointed, you must always follow the guidelines. But what you choose to put in to your application is up to you, you must first remember the following:

A. You are not posting an application just for it's looks, just for the purpose of posting it. They are not for you, but in-fact are for a job you're applying for.

B. Looks matter just as much as the information inside of one. Always make it appealing. Grammar is one of the big mistakes. We get generic applications all of the time stating how they want to be an admin to help other players, and that they know that to be an admin is to be a helper. But because this is so generic and bland/plain, why not spice it up some to grab the reader's attention?
More specifically, replace the bland words with more enhancing words. May it be a complicated, longer word. It doesn't matter. Even if it means the same thing. It just helps grab attention and doesn't leave a boring taste in their mouths. Last but not least, refrain from emotes. IF you do, one or 2 isn't bad, but a page (or more) of them is just childish.

C. To help your chances, try getting on the admin's good side. To do so, be friendly with them. Talk to them on FE. Talk to them outside of FE may it be on a website, or on their IM (if they use any, that is.) To think outside of the box is something that not everyone does. Do things outside of FE that can help your chances inside of FE.
Thus trying to add all admin onto your MSN. It'll help due to if anything happens, it makes you seem like you'll jump into action and tell them about it. Showing that you care.

D: Do your best to help out the newbies. It may not seem like much, but Ele is trying to make it easier on them. IF that is by making it easier to play, so be it. He isn't trying to make it easier while trying to push us away.
I feel he is doing ENOUGH that will keep them on long enough for them to stick with it, while not messing with game-play for the rest. If they feel more welcomed and helped, the less Ele has to work out new features.
1. Don't talk down to people (one bad view can ruin the whole image of our community), especially the newbies. This will run them off. As well, don't make long winded posts directed to or for the newbies. It can seem boring and will run them off, but as they grow in level, they tend to understand more, as well as their relationship with the admins tend to grow. Meaning they want more to be explained in a better way.

E. Become more active via Global Chat. Participate in more conversations with people. Group conversations are the best to get your image out there. Even if Ele doesn't take votes by the people for admin, it doesn't mean it won't show the admin who you are. If you do C and D, your application has a better survival rate.

F: Always put examples of your work. Even if you were not part of another Server. What I mean, is that if you're going into this to help people, post screen-shots of you doing that very thing. Don't leave gaps open in your application. This is a thing that can run off readers. Remember to also put more information about yourself to relate more with people.
If you can relate more to the reader, then you have a better chance at getting the application to stay, let alone getting a spot on their team. This goes back to talking with people more. The more they relate, the more you look good to the beholder.

Again, follow the Guidelines suggested of you, but put more meaning into the application(s). Meaning makes a big difference. But an empty meaning is worthless. Get out there and work for your spot. Not just post an application and think you have a way in.

Also remember to speak your opinion. An admin who just listens and does what people say is good, but an admin who does that as well as shows a real MIND is better. Just don't speak it out in a rude way.

Hope this was helpful. Antiaxel was the first to get this said to him.

*New update*

One thing that would most likely help the survival of your application(s) is to always at-least state the known admin rules. At-least so in a way that shows them that you mean business, and you know what needs to be done. But don't post every rule and go over it, as that just sounds more like you're TRYING too hard. Trying to force them into picking you because you memorized every rule. That could potentially hurt your chances. So stick with the known admin rules that are the main ones admin should know by heart.

Also, always and I mean ALWAYS pay attention to whomever breaks rules, when and for whatever reason as to why they did what they did. Get used to it, so you know what should and shouldn't be done by players, and what you should and shouldn't do as an admin. Pay attention to the actions done in the game.

Hell, practice making Admin Action logs in how you think they should look as an example and post what you did on your application as-well. It would show that you're really into it and shows them that you do your research quite well. Admin Action Logs are just logs that they make when they punish a player for breaking the rules, and also when they unpunish them, so to speak.

I'll constantly be updating this. So be on the look out.
Updated this.

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