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Post your piercings/Tattoos?
[Image: crazy-weird-piercing-lrg.png]

Well, here's me. I recently got my neck done.

[Image: 1e8c55.png]
Thanks Elaine.
(05-24-2011, 08:29 AM)Omeegia Wrote:  [Image: crazy-weird-piercing-lrg.png]

Well, here's me. I recently got my neck done.


Just like tying a shoe!
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[Image: 459596.jpg]
On a more serious note, I want this:

[Image: p10503012.jpg]
[Image: 1e8c55.png]
Thanks Elaine.
OYAH. My lip piercing x.x
OYAH. My lip piercing x.x

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[Image: 2rf90r7.png]
mmm wow that neck thingo looks like it hurts : / me my self i only have 1 tattoo its a small heart on my left hand Tongue i wanted a blue rose with lime green stem on my neck (similar to picture i drew)but lol yea idk and as for piercings i only got my ears atm but i might get belly button / nose not sure yet Happy
[Image: 167twf4.jpg]
[Image: s3lpop.png]

[Image: 24y1xn7.png]

That's kyute Rose, nd the neck thing does look painful.. ouch ><
:o Boringggg that I only have my ears pierced.. I like would get my nose done.. thought about it but nawhh
I'll like get my belly button done eventually :L
Anywayy I have no tattoos as i'm only 16 ! Though I want one on the back of my neck not too big like.. this
[Image: download.png]
[Image: download1.png]

It's Japanese writing partly stands for 'Innocence' or 'Genuine' I read! :x

or i'll just get something simple like a butterfly.. but defo small and on the back of my neck Happy I only plan to have one lol.
I want something like this...[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRR2NyPEh8RoYWbci5aM7I...m_XsQfC1BM]

[Image: 2i0do5d.png][Image: 242tp8y.png]
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Λқuʍu says:
What i do is actually kind of vibrate my finger..
Wow Devin thats HOT kinda huge lol and Alicia kinda cute idea but its like going way hurt : / and :O OMG thats crazy and Gah has to be dangerous / hurts
[Image: 24y1xn7.png]

Terrify you have one of those too?
I also have one of those! [Image: weird_piercings.jpg]
Kiss my ass.
ew. those images are making my stomach turn x.x

I've been kinda wanting a tattoo on my neck but I don't know what I want yet~ and I'm still too scared of the pain, lol.

probably "lwd" in scriptive type though~
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