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Post your piercings/Tattoos?
back [Image: A.jpg]
front [Image: webcam-toy-foto3.jpg]
side [Image: alexxx.jpg]
[Image: mq1.jpg?v=513d43d2]
Wow Alex, that looks so painful... o-o
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This wasn't posted in since November. Please, do not post in any topic that has been dead for over 3 weeks.
(01-18-2012, 01:06 AM)empurpled Wrote:  Out of Topic: Who took your pictures Places? The first one has a nice tone and depth of focus to it. Happy
Places doesn't get on anymore, so to answer your question..
She takes her own photos, and is an amazing photographer ;D

[Image: d7ckp.gif]
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[Image: 153xoo3.jpg]
Did you not JUST freaking see where I said NOT to post in a dead topic? I'll leave this unlocked for 1 more day, then it's locked for good.

Last warning, also. Anyone who posts in here, will receive a 10% forum warning. No exceptions except the OP.
If, by chance, he posts in here, then it can stay unlocked. 1 day to see that happen.
So like; I know this thread is old, very old, I should say. I just wanted to share my piercing and tattoos with everyone ! : ]

Here is my Anti-Eyebrow (TearDrop/Barbell)
V----This is an old old picture, first day I got it, so it looks bruised up. : [ I had a black eye for a week! Sucks! Got my ears pierced too; 3 piercing on each ear.

[Image: 223374_3725034325715_607204067_n.jpg]

2nd! Bustin' out my Finger Tattoo. : ]

[Image: b5e7de10-eebb-43ee-8f37-03649379bb10.jpg]
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Nice, Gemini. Post pics of tongue ring and tats later
(09-18-2011, 08:41 AM)Thiamor Wrote:  Kind of cool. Because:
1: A Diamond is one of the 'strongest' materials in the world
2: It says 'Strength'.
It fits in together.

no shit ... more then 99% sure that was the intention behind using the diamond -.-
[Image: Naruto_banner_by_countadyn.jpg]
[Image: fesig?name=horrific]
(10-27-2013, 11:23 AM)jdag Wrote:  Nice, Gemini. Post pics of tongue ring and tats later

Thank You. : ] Let's see yours.
-We run the Night-
Horizontal tongue piercing
Ears stretched to 3/4 (have been up to an inch but downsized)

Have had many in the past..

Can't post pic at this moment.

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