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Meet Your Maker has been revamped.

It's moved away from focusing on 'Video Games', and thus moved more towards the idea of a 'Community Run' site.
It doesn't take registration, in order to post. You just create a name, and post. We have a Final Fantasy Radio, 4 Modes of Communication, and a Blog to keep you up-to-date with the current 'happenings' of the site.

Now, you're able to register, but it's 10 dollars every 6 months. But you get to do stuff that the Free Users don't.

<b>Being able to register your name.
Being able to use custom Avatars
Being able to use and create custom Signatures
Being able to view member only forums and chatrooms
Being able to be a mod of the forum of your choice.</b>

Now, if you want to become a mod of multiple forums, or to be a head admin, you still pay 10 dollars, but you don't have a longer waiting period. You instead, would pay 10 dollars every 2 to 3 months, instead of waiting 6.

Free users do not have a trial period. They can stay user their free forums for as long as they like.

The community makes the rules, the admin only get involved if things get out of hand.



Also there is a competition going on, that if you get people to join, and they give us the referral code we gave you to give them, then you become a Registered Member without having to pay at all, forever. This is a limited offer. It only allows 5 people to join in the competition every 6 months.
Edited the whole topic, deleted posts, and bumping it now.

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