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The Radio-Today Show
The Radio-Today Show is my Radio that I've created that will, once 100% optimized (full functional with all time slots filled for a 24/7 period) will have people able to host my Radio for music, news, game, Weather, Comedy and Talk shows.

As of now I've only been playing music on it non-stop.
It's got over 6 thousand Viewer Minutes on it as of lately.

If anyone wishes to tune in, please visit the following link. The top video player at the tip, top of the site is the Radio.

If you've got music suggestions and what-not, please comment on here. Also please share the Radio's Link with people.
About to post the Terms and contracts on here for everyone to see.
This is a Business, and must be run like one.
People who are of my direct Staff and Crew Members, don't have to pay anything to be on the Air.
People who request to play music alone, their own music, will have to sign a contract, stating no one gets paid for the music being played. No parties involved.

People who want to have Air Time for politics, and such like that, on the Time Slot must pay a monthly fee of $25.00 a month, while people wanting to air specials that will be run 1 time, or a few more times, will have to pay more.

Reason being, is that regular Hosters will get a discount for what they pay, because they will have to constantly pay each month, while specials will only be a few times, to a minimum of 1 time, and they won't be trusted enough to get lower payment ranges.

Monthly Payment = $25.00

Specials: 100 dollars for each special aired.

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