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PAU! "Precious Golds"

Hi guys, It's me Jozh/Shiro/Snowflake/Bluee.
I'm advertising the guild I made which will truly help every member on FE.
"PAU - Precious Golds"
Founder: Snowflake
Assistant Leader: Shiroyuki
Objective: To help every members on FE by giving them a 100k income a month and additional 100k for every month passed. I.e (1st month = 100k, 2nd month = 200k, 3rd month = 300k and so on...), and To help members too in some other ways, for example on showing the way, guiding through their prices, letting them to know the game rules, and some events with lots of big prizes.
Rules: Help the others as much as you can help, but If you're busy, It's your choice. (It's optional). Do not use abusive words that can harm your fellow guild mates. Be hospitalized on each member in or out of the guild. Be a model to every member, and give positive credits to our beloved guild.
Members: We almost got 18 active members, and we still recruiting for more. (:

Thanks for reading. Pm here or Snowflake/Shiroyuki in game if interested on joining. Happy
Hi I'm Hitsughaya/Jozh/Snowflake/Shiro/Bluee. (:
[Image: ejvee1.png]
Thanks to Elevations, Otakulove, Returnity, Roefl, Mouse, Skream, Thiamor, Kinriku, Faiyaz, and Darkpk. ;)
The art you made is the perfection of the colors and textures of your imagination.
Check this out |> Bluee's Pixel Artwork Gallery
Rate me +1 positive If I helped a lot or you like my artworks. Click Here! ;)


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