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The Gamer Documentary 2012

[Image: the_gamer_documentary___2012_by_thiamor-d543bz3.png]
'The Gamer Documentary- 2012' Project.

Before you read the following, read this.

You are to interview other gamers, not yourself. You can, though, if you want.

Nor do you have to be a gamer. You're recording other gamers, so it doesn't matter if you play games, or not.

This is a project for gamers (and people blind to the gaming culture), to gamers, about gamers.

It's going to be a 2+ hour long Documentary Film showcasing the gaming culture to the world. This is a project that lets people from all over, record interviews, if you will, of gamers playing games, talking about games, and stating their opinions on where gaming is headed, and whatnot.
This means that you (the reader) can record it, and send it in to me, to add it as part of the documentary.

You -WILL- get credit.

If you're willing to do this, send it to my Email:
[email protected]

If you're wanting to help, but can't record video, then you can be a part of the Wiki and Information Gathering Team.

To do that, you can comment on here, or send me an Email.
What they do, is create a Wiki-Page for, and about the project. Stating what it is that we're doing, what we plan to do, and what it is. As well as any supporting sites, images, and so on. Thus helping the project grow. It also states how they, too, can get in on the project.
Information Gathering gathers needed information, like how to advertise this correctly, what sites are interested, and whatnot.

If you want to support us in other ways, please copy this image and paste it, as well as what we are, all over the Internet.
We need a gathering of like-minded individuals to help complete this. This video will debut on our Gaming, Tech, and Entertainment website (as well as it will be used to debut the site) when it's completed. We're still working on the construction of the site, and we could use a helping hand from that as well.

If you'd wish to donate money to our cause, contact me on here and we'll talk. All the money will go -ONLY- to the Documentary Project, and not to any other cause, personal and/ or otherwise.
So don't worry, your contribution, no matter the size, will be useful, helpful, welcomed, and appreciated greatly.

Thank-you in advance.
Updated the first post.

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