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Help My New Youtube Channel Please
Hey Their I Am Trying To Make A Youtube Channel For gaming But I Have Hardly Any view counts and i need your help but i dont just need you for your veiw counts i need you for the subing. i will sub back if u are a suber of mine so i will be helping you out as well I hope you can help in any way you can i am working my hardest to bring my viewers the best gaming i can right now but if u sub and watch then it will help me bring my viewers better gaming.

My YouTube channel link below:


Thanks for reading.

Help Grow My YouTube Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/user/GamingWithMix3rz
The least you can do is advertise this game since you plan to make your channel popular, It would get FE approval.

But I'm just saying stuff.
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"But I'm just saying stuff"
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