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Recent Purchases Thread
This thread is for sharing all your new buys! Clothes, shoes, razors, cologne, FE memberships (wink wink nudge nudge), share it all. For fun, feel free to include a picture or review. :D

[Image: tumblr_mmz13zIKt91sqpez2o1_500.jpg]

I went shopping to an oriental mall today with some friends and picked up these cuties. :D
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幸せだろうと 不幸せだろうと、 平等に 残酷に朝日は昇る。
生きていくだけで精一杯の私に、 これ以上何を望むというの?

[Image: ZyjX1sB.png]

Speaking of Harbor Freight... I stopped in after work and picked up a new corded drill

[Image: 1978854_852061951477831_5985945016675002319_n.jpg]

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