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Omii's Thread O' Shit
I take coin, item, and coin/item combo offers.

:Male Armors:
Bloodshed Plate
Red Promethean Armor
Dark Mythril Plate
Ignus Plate
Blastoise Costume
Angel Armor
Assassin Outfit
Mythril Plate
Cloud Costume
Letterman Jacket (Original)
Protector Plate
Alchemy Robes
Arcane Plate

:Female Armors:
Cursed Plate
Akatsuki Robes
Blue Elegant Gown

Winged Cap x2
Battle Cap
Snowman Head
Daredevil Hat
Fairy Hat
Skull Helm
Bunny Ears
Snow Goggles

:Shields/Wings/Back Items:



Red Swift Blade
Demonic Dvorak
Machine Gun

Cow Egg
Kamashi Egg


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