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As generous as the gift is,
Pam McGee Receives A Big Gift From NBA Star Son JaVale For Her 50th Birthday VIDEO

For her 50th birthday, WNBA Hall of Famer, single mom and breast cancer survivor Pam McGee is looking forward to a night out with her girlfriends and her son, 25 year Authentic nfl jerseys old NBA star JaVale. JaVale, however, has Cheap authentic jerseys a different idea of how to celebrate Pam's big day, and it Nfl jerseys wholesale goes far beyond a dinner party.

Standing with his hard working mother (who is also his business manager) in her Los Angeles hotel room, JaVale is ready to surprise Pam with an extravagant gift she has had her eye on for years.

As generous as the gift is, Pam is most touched by her son's thoughtfulness. "He remembered. I was just, 'Baby, when you get your next contract, your mama needs to be in this [Porsche] right here,'" Pam says. "I had totally [forgotten] about it. But he's such a cerebral, good son, he remembered what I asked for four years ago."

The mom side of Pam can't contain her excitement, but her business manager side can't help but creep out in the video Nike shoes outlet above. Of course, Pam is still thrilled with her new car.

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