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Fishing / mining / woodcutting
GO!!  Okay guy's first post:

So I've been playing for a few years now.. I believe I started in 2011. So let me start off buy saying FE has been good to me. It's always expanding but what I've noticed in the last few years is that finishing, mining and woodcutting has really come to a stop because of many reason's.
First of all I'm a fisher. Fishing is super fun and I believe it's the most useful skill of all but what's happening is, monsters are getting stronger and we struggle to keep up with HP. So I would love to see a more higher fishing capability E.g. (lv 40 fishing - Wale / Level 60 fishing Giant squid) with higher HP. At the moment sharks heal 3k HP/ it's still not enough for a lv 25 para with bells and 1k sharks to even come close to defeating...

Next come's mining, mining was the skill I fell in love with first because I got the accomplishment of making some awesome armors. That really comes to a disappointment now as it's so limited to a small amount of armors and weapons and when you think about it, just about every weapon is made from some kind of mineral. In saying that I would love to see Platinum added to the mining list maybe at lv 40 mining or so but some new craft's would be handy and make mining more enjoyable again.

With woodcutting a lot of people do it because of the money issue... With the way the game is going, gold is super easy to obtain. I haven't seen anyone cut anything in a loooong time. Woodcutting is super useless and you can't make a craft or use wood in anyway to benefit yourself or others. something needs to happen! At first I though it would be used to make house items ( and don't even get me started on FE houses ) but yeah... was a bit disappointed with how the woodcutting works. So hopefully we do something about this.
Well, with the added armors and hats and shields we could add some of them to mining so mining can be made a bit useful again.

A lot of people still cut wood to pass time or to make money selling the wood to people so they can burn it and sell it themselves for more money.

For fishing we'd need a few new pixels to to add more to the current fishing list.

These aren't bad suggestions, but we've had them many times before. That being said, though, we may very well be able to do something about at least one of them right away maybe even two. Those would be mining (for sure) and POSSIBLY wood cutting.
I think that would be great! thank you nebula.

If I can just make a suggestion on mining:

Level 0 - copper ore
Level 5 - tin ore
level 10 -  iron ore
level 15 - steel ore
level 20 - gold ore

Iron ore on the element list stands for (FE) also it's the base element to make steel, there is no such thing as steel ore so I'm not sure why it's actually in the mining ore list. You can make steel bar's but not mine steel.. steel is much like an alloy like brass. Brass is basically copper and zinc put together.

I like the idea of a few other minerals what do you think?

Lithium. ...
Silver. ...
Lead. ...

Maybe crystals / diamonds / emeralds / opals ect...

Also on a side note, diamonds would be awesome used with gold to make ring's? but yeah just a suggestion with crafting.

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