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EORADIO - DJ's Wanted
Do you have a passion for music?
Are you a DJ/ Radio Presenter or would like to be one?

Do you like Gaming?

If so then we are always looking for fresh talent to join us from anywhere around the world ……..

Endless Online Radio was formally and Endless Online radio fan site. We have been online since May 2006 and had a very healthy listener base and strong chat room following from the endless community. We are now undergoing major changes and have recently relaunched with the intention to become the Internets Number One Online Esports Gaming Radio. http://www.eo-radio.com We have the best set up on the Internet with live shoutcast streams, Auto Dj's s with back up relays. We are fully licensed also so no worries there! 

  • This is all internet based so you can log on and do it from wherever you are based as long as you have a minimum of a good broadband connection and good pc/laptop. 
  • All set up/software setup and back up included.
  • Radio experience isn’t essential as with this side of the station, music is the most important thing, full training and support will be given …..
If you haven’t done radio before this is an ideal opportunity to get on board and
develop yourself and meet new people. If you are interested in joining us and doing your own show we will require :

An MP3 file a 30 minute recording of you broadcasting if you have one (don’t worry if you haven’t)
details on the sort of music you do and the kind of show you would be interested in
available times
Details of what you have to offer ie what genre show/set
see where you think you could fit in, however if nothing suits please ask Jono as it might be possible to move things around to suit.

All we ask in return is your commitment to turn up for your set/show and if you cant let us know in advance so we can keep your listeners happy for you.


Anyone who joins Endless Online Radio have a 1 months intro to the station in order for you to fins out if you are happy with our services, promotion and back up, and also for us to make sure you fit in to the team.

Endless Online Radio is operated purely by its members by from the team and listeners, and will not put up with any trouble,arguing or fall out in any way, if this occurs you will be asked to leave immediately

If this is something you may be interested in please either send an email to - info@eoradio.co.uk or reply to this post!

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