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Having Connection Issues (Still)?
As the forums ARE NO LONGER ACTIVE posting here will not get the wanted results. To get the help you're looking for you'll need to join our discord server and post in the #support channel.
We are aware of this issue and seem to have fixed it for most players. If the problem is still there for you you can contact us at #support and or try any of the following.
  • Run FE as an ADMINISTRATOR and disable your anti-virus protection (temporarily).
  • Run the FE Launcher (Patcher) and make sure you're up to date on patches.
  • [For Windows Users] Try running in compatability mode for Windows 98/me, Vista, or XP.
  • If you are using Norton uninstall it and install a NEW anti-virus protection as FE is not compatible with Norton Security.
  • If your IP is dynamic try changing your IP to a new IP.
If you've tried all of the above and none of it works then, once again, post in #support.

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